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Coyote Brown Or Black Grip Cord, 100ft spool


Product Description

Crosstac Grip Cord is an aggressively textured polypropylene cord that has extra grip even when wet.  Terrific for knife handles, boot laces, you name it!

This cord has all kinds of creative uses.  Comes in our new 100 foot mini-spools.

While regular para / 550 cord is designed to be slippery and not knot up (who would want knots in their parachute lines?), our cord is purposely designed to be the opposite.

When wrapping knife handles we always thought 550 was too slippery and made our handles a bit too big in diameter.  This stuff is amazing for grip, and doesn't bulk up the handle size nearly as much. 

It is approx. 1/8" in diameter and has a stranded core.  Pull tests to approx. 250 lbs.

Technical Specs

  • Thinner than 550 cord.
  • Very durable cord for multiple uses.
  • Sold in handy 100 foot spools.
  • Approx. 250lb pull strength.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great for lacing boots

    Posted by Blaine on 25th Aug 2014

    I wear boots all of the time. For work, for recreation... you name it. When I saw this type of cord, it just made sense to use it for boot-laces. The stuff is just tough. I doubt that I'll ever need to replace them, ever. And, although it's just habit to double-knot my laces - they never have come untied. When you cut the length you need for using it for laces, you will have to put some heat to it. I took apart an ink pen - using the metal end that tapers to hold the ball-point portion, held it with a pair of pliers, put the end of the lace in it and heated it up with a lighter. After that, just twist it out and it's tapered for you to easily slide it through the holes of your boot. Never used it for anything else, so I can't comment on it for any other purpose. Still, it's the greatest boot-laces you'll ever find on the planet.

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