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Shooting The Right Way With Your Concealed Carry Belt


So, you’ve gotten your license to carry a concealed weapon and picked out your perfect concealed carry belt to properly stow your weapon, but how long has it been since you have taken a refresher course in proper shooting technique? Practicing the fundamentals regularly will keep your aim sharp and confidently carrying your piece with you everywhere you go. Let’s do a quick synopsis of the proper stance needed before discharging your weapon. Your stance is the foundation for your shooting platform. Depending on the kind of shooting you are doing there are specific stances for each of them. It is important to pick one because the less you have to change for different weapon systems the more effective you will be.

  • Feet
    • Should be shoulder width apart with the non-firing foot slightly forward and pointed at the target to be engaged. Your firing foot should be firmly planted at a 45 degree angle to provide balance.
    • Weight distribution between the non-firing foot and the firing foot should be 60/40 and focused on your toes.
  • Knees
    • Your knees should be slightly bent and upper torso leaning forward. This position will absorb recoil through the body allowing you to speed up between shots.
  • Elbows
    • Your elbows should touch the side of your body. Stand with your head and shoulders square to the target. Make sure your head is erect.

In review, your stance must be comfortable, so make sure you attain it every time before you start practice. Make this stance a habit!

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Top Rated Tactical Gear

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Looking For New Shooters Gear?

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Essential Long Range Tactical Gear

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Organize Your Long Range Gear

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