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Target Practice on the Shooting Mat Should Be Followed Up with a Lesson in Gun Safety

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Any parent, whether overprotective or not, will get nervous the first time their child rides a bike to a friend’s house. That is part of being a parent, worrying about their well-being and safety. This is why it is critical to place an emphasis on gun safety. Hunting should be fun; however, teaching kids to be safe shooters isn’t a laughing matter. Teach your kids well and teach them when they are young. Target practice on the shooting mat should be followed up with a lesson in gun safety.

Boys find a certain fascination with guns, and this happens at a very early age. Keeping guns taboo will only increase their interest. A better approach is to allow your children to handle guns, but only with your permission and under strict supervision. Make sure they understand the only time they touch the trigger is when they are prepared to shoot. Show them targets that have been splintered or have them watch you shoot a cantaloupe and show them the damage. Make them understand the difference between a toy gun and the real deal.

The more you take your child to the shooting range, the more they will learn about gun safety. Keep control of the ammunition and hand out shells one at a time. Your child will be consciences about muzzle control until they fire a shot, then, in the excitement, they may swing the gun or drop the muzzle so it points at their feet. Since the gun is empty, it is a teachable moment as opposed to a possible accident.

Most importantly, you must teach by example. Your actions will speak louder than any words. Your child will learn about gun safety by watching you. 

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