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Optimizing Your Long Distance Shooting With Precision Shooting Mats


Practice makes perfect. The chances of getting the perfect shot during every hunting trip is very slim. Your best bet is to practice shooting a target at different distances until you are an expert. If you need the help, find a qualified instructor to coach you through the basics. Long distance shooting has become much more comfortable for the everyday hunter with invention of precision shooting mats. Crosstac has developed some of the most innovative shooting mats on the market.

Through the years most of the emphasis for perfecting long distance shooting was placed on the rifle, scope, and ammunition. While this is completely true, supplemental shooters gear is also very important. In order to make an accurate shot, you must have a steady base for your rifle to sit. Hunters around the world use a bipod that easily connects to a rifle. This essential piece of equipment cuts down accidental movement and allows you to shoot from a prone position.

Next is where a Crosstac precision shooting mat comes in to play. It is the first shooting mat of its kind. Gone are the days of the rolled shooting mat, the precision shooting mat was made to be folded. This design allows the mat to lay flat and create the perfect base that is free of debris. Crosstac took it one step further and built in a bipod support rail to cut down on forward movement. It also gives the hunter a barrier between hunting gear and the cold, wet ground which will be more comfortable during long wait periods. This is the perfect shooters mat for the outdoorsman who hunts at a distance.

Winter Hunting: What You Are Missing

Hunting in the winter should not be intimidating to an experienced hunter. Snowfall and frigid temperatures are unavoidable, you learn to live with it. Experts recommend specific winter gear if you plan on going out when it is less than ideal conditions. Fend off frostbite with under clothing and proper boots, keep dry with weatherproof [...]

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​If You Recently Purchased One of Our Tactical Belts with the Hidden Knife, You are Probably the Type Who Likes to be Prepared in Any Situation

If you recently purchased one of our tactical belts with the hidden knife, you are probably the type who likes to be prepared in any situation. If we were to take a tour of your home, we would more than likely discover a cache of food and other supplies just in case of an emergency. [...]

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If You are into Hunting Turkeys, Pack Your Tactical Gear and Prepare to Visit These Top Turkey Hunting States

Though it may not yet be officially fall, September is the pivotal month that ushers in cooler weather. And with cooler weather comes the realization that hunting season will soon be upon us. There are some states when September 1st marks the start of turkey season, a favorite target of hunters in all states. If [...]

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Some People Prefer a Single Point Tactical Sling Over the Two Point Sling and Some People Prefer to Shoot from the Prone Position Over, Say, the Kneeling Position

Some people prefer a single point tactical sling over the two-point sling and some people prefer to shoot from the prone position over, say, the kneeling position. There are four basic shooting positions that the proficient marksman will learn. All four of these positions have their own place when you are out in the field. [...]

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Target Practice on the Shooting Mat Should Be Followed Up with a Lesson in Gun Safety

Any parent, whether overprotective or not, will get nervous the first time their child rides a bike to a friend’s house. That is part of being a parent, worrying about their well-being and safety. This is why it is critical to place an emphasis on gun safety. Hunting should be fun; however, teaching kids to [...]

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If News Broke of Swarming Undead Waltzing Through Town Bent on a Nice Snack of Brains, this is the Tactical Gear We Would Pack

Over the long holiday weekend, those lucky enough to stay inside were treated to a Walking Dead marathon. Now, we all know the zombie apocalypse isn't anything that will occur in our lifetime, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? If news broke of swarming undead waltzing through town bent on a nice snack of brains, this is the [...]

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Tactical Belts are Just Not Complete Without a Knife

The pocket knife is an iconic tool with hundreds of practical uses. If you are considering purchasing one of our tactical belts, it is recommended you get a tactical knife. Sure, that knife will come in handy when you need to open a package or letter, but there are many other reasons you want to [...]

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Might We Suggest You Employ Our Single Point Tactical Sling for Carrying Purposes?

When preparing a bug out bag, you have one of two choices; you can either buy one already packed or your can build your own. We suggest the latter. This way, you are able to buy whatever you feel is necessary to put into your backpack. Here, we will help.Food and water are the two [...]

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If You are a Shooter, You Should Check Out Our Shooting Mats

Let’s go ahead and make one thing absolutely clear, shooting is a fun sport. It doesn’t matter if you are in the garage shooting cans with a BB gun or out on the range with a high-powered rifle, shooting brings a smile to your face. If you want to convince a friend to go shooting [...]

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