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Essential Long Range Tactical Gear

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Long range shooters are one-of-a-kind. The mindset, preparation, and the proper execution of a long range shot can be an arduous task. Having the proper long range equipment is important to making the perfect shot. Pay the price for great tactical gear instead of replacing gear at regular intervals. Crosstac has some of the highest quality tactical gear that beginners to advanced shooters will appreciate.

There are three important aspects to long range shooting; rifle, optics, and arranging the shot. It is also important to have the proper scope, range-finder, long range mat, and shooting bag rest. Long range shooting is dependant on accuracy. Prior to arriving at the range it is imperative that you load up your long range data organizer with all of your necessities.

As many long range shooters can attest to, comfort and ergonomics are incredibly important. Set up for the perfect shot could take minutes or hours. The rifle must fit the shooter in all of the most common shooting positions. It is also important that the rifle is propped up properly with prone shooting. This will create a stress-free position that a long range shooter can hold for a long period of time. The shooting bags and long range mats from Crosstac can help create an ergonomic and stable prone shooting position.

If you are looking to update or upgrade your long range tactical gear it is time that you visit Crosstac. Check out our shooters bags that can increase stability with prone shooting. Our tactical slings are also an effective shooting aid when shooting from a different position other than prone or when carrying your rifle in the field. If you are looking for the best long range shooters mat, you have come to the right place.

Organize Your Long Range Gear

Having the right shooters gear can keep you organized with all of your necessities in one location. The right long range organizer will ensure that you are never without some of the most important tools you need for your rifle or competition. If you are an experienced long range shooter, you will understand the importance [...]

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Protect Yourself With Tactical Gear

The world has changed significantly in the last 50 years. It seems that we are living in a scarier world with war, gun issues, murder, and over-exposure on social media. Thankfully we have right as Americans that allow us to protect ourselves. Tactical gear can now be useful to everyone, not just those who serve [...]

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Optimizing Your Long Distance Shooting With Precision Shooting Mats

Practice makes perfect. The chances of getting the perfect shot during every hunting trip is very slim. Your best bet is to practice shooting a target at different distances until you are an expert. If you need the help, find a qualified instructor to coach you through the basics. Long distance shooting has become [...]

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Winter Hunting: What You Are Missing

Hunting in the winter should not be intimidating to an experienced hunter. Snowfall and frigid temperatures are unavoidable, you learn to live with it. Experts recommend specific winter gear if you plan on going out when it is less than ideal conditions. Fend off frostbite with under clothing and proper boots, keep dry with weatherproof [...]

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​If You Recently Purchased One of Our Tactical Belts with the Hidden Knife, You are Probably the Type Who Likes to be Prepared in Any Situation

If you recently purchased one of our tactical belts with the hidden knife, you are probably the type who likes to be prepared in any situation. If we were to take a tour of your home, we would more than likely discover a cache of food and other supplies just in case of an emergency. [...]

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If You are into Hunting Turkeys, Pack Your Tactical Gear and Prepare to Visit These Top Turkey Hunting States

Though it may not yet be officially fall, September is the pivotal month that ushers in cooler weather. And with cooler weather comes the realization that hunting season will soon be upon us. There are some states when September 1st marks the start of turkey season, a favorite target of hunters in all states. If [...]

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Some People Prefer a Single Point Tactical Sling Over the Two Point Sling and Some People Prefer to Shoot from the Prone Position Over, Say, the Kneeling Position

Some people prefer a single point tactical sling over the two-point sling and some people prefer to shoot from the prone position over, say, the kneeling position. There are four basic shooting positions that the proficient marksman will learn. All four of these positions have their own place when you are out in the field. [...]

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Target Practice on the Shooting Mat Should Be Followed Up with a Lesson in Gun Safety

Any parent, whether overprotective or not, will get nervous the first time their child rides a bike to a friend’s house. That is part of being a parent, worrying about their well-being and safety. This is why it is critical to place an emphasis on gun safety. Hunting should be fun; however, teaching kids to [...]

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If News Broke of Swarming Undead Waltzing Through Town Bent on a Nice Snack of Brains, this is the Tactical Gear We Would Pack

Over the long holiday weekend, those lucky enough to stay inside were treated to a Walking Dead marathon. Now, we all know the zombie apocalypse isn't anything that will occur in our lifetime, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? If news broke of swarming undead waltzing through town bent on a nice snack of brains, this is the [...]

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