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4 Ways To Improve Your Tactical Shooting Part Two


The tactical shotgun is perhaps the most misunderstood weapon used for defense or competition. The skills and techniques used are similar to a handgun and for most shooters it is easy to learn one when you have mastered the other. However, the shotgun requires a much different technique. There are two approaches. One is to shoot purely from a tactical aspect with shooter’s gear, using sights for every shot. But that limits what you can do and how fast you can do it. The other aspect is to learn to shoot a shotgun the way it is designed to be shot. That is, to learn wingshooting techniques and apply them to tactical shooting. Tactical shotgun shooting for competition or defense is a multifaceted thing. But the bottom line is that the better and faster you can shoot it is the key to beating the competition.

Spend Time With A Pattern Board

Do not assume anything when it comes to chokes and buckshot. The only way to know how our gun is patterning is to shoot it. You might be surprised what you find. With buckshot, choke is everything. Sometimes just the tiniest amount of constriction is the difference between a blowout, wild pattern, and a tight controlled one.

Get A Load

The main challenge with tactical shotgun shooting is loading it quickly. While rifles and handguns have large capacity magazines that can be replaced in the blink of an eye, the shotgun hold just a few rounds and must be reloaded one at a time. There are several loading techniques that are taught for shotgun tactical shooting. Don’t get overwhelmed and just find one or two that work for you.

Now that you know what to do to become a better tactical shooter it is time to head out and put your new knowledge into practice. Happy shooting.

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The tactical shotgun is perhaps the least understood firearm used for defense or competition. The skills and techniques used are similar to a handgun and for most shooters it is easy to learn one when you have mastered the other. However, the shotgun requires a much different technique. There are two approaches. One is to [...]

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