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Top Rated Tactical Gear


It’s time that we talk about some of the best tactical shooter’s gear available. As with most experienced shooters, we understand that there are pieces of gear that you will stick with through everything. Great gear can be the game changer for experienced and professional shooters. Proper gear can lead to increased stability, proper shot calibration, decreased fatigue, and improvement in accuracy.

There are many different types of shooting slings available. Some have fancy features, expensive materials, and designs. Experts say that the simple slings are by far the best. Slings are one of the most useful, but underutilized, pieces of tactical gear. Be sure to purchase a sling that is lightweight, durable, and simple in construction. A sling can help a shooter improve accuracy and decrease fatigue in many different shooting positions. Check out the Basic Tactical Sling available at Crosstac.

Experienced shooters also know the value of a great shooting bag. Improving accuracy is all about rifle stability. A proper shooting bag will decrease rifle motion for the prone long-range shooter. Most shooters prefer to use a rear shooters bag which is placed under the stock of a rifle. If you are still searching for the perfect shooting bag, check out the Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag available at Crosstac.

Precision long range shooters know the value of a great shooting mat. The prone shooter is looking for the right amount of padding and protection from the ground. The Precision Long Range Shooting Mat from Crosstac is unlike any other. We have taken the shooting mat to a whole new level with a built in bi-pod rail. We take stability very seriously! Check out the online store today!

Looking For New Shooters Gear?

Experienced shooters are constantly on the lookout for new and great shooters gear to up their level. Technology has made it possible for shooters gear to be more technologically advanced without added weight or bulk. Technology has also made it possible to update our favorite shooters gear for the modern shooter. There will always be [...]

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Essential Long Range Tactical Gear

Long range shooters are one-of-a-kind. The mindset, preparation, and the proper execution of a long range shot can be an arduous task. Having the proper long range equipment is important to making the perfect shot. Pay the price for great tactical gear instead of replacing gear at regular intervals. Crosstac has some of the highest [...]

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Organize Your Long Range Gear

Having the right shooters gear can keep you organized with all of your necessities in one location. The right long range organizer will ensure that you are never without some of the most important tools you need for your rifle or competition. If you are an experienced long range shooter, you will understand the importance [...]

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Protect Yourself With Tactical Gear

The world has changed significantly in the last 50 years. It seems that we are living in a scarier world with war, gun issues, murder, and over-exposure on social media. Thankfully we have right as Americans that allow us to protect ourselves. Tactical gear can now be useful to everyone, not just those who serve [...]

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Optimizing Your Long Distance Shooting With Precision Shooting Mats

Practice makes perfect. The chances of getting the perfect shot during every hunting trip is very slim. Your best bet is to practice shooting a target at different distances until you are an expert. If you need the help, find a qualified instructor to coach you through the basics. Long distance shooting has become [...]

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Winter Hunting: What You Are Missing

Hunting in the winter should not be intimidating to an experienced hunter. Snowfall and frigid temperatures are unavoidable, you learn to live with it. Experts recommend specific winter gear if you plan on going out when it is less than ideal conditions. Fend off frostbite with under clothing and proper boots, keep dry with weatherproof [...]

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​If You Recently Purchased One of Our Tactical Belts with the Hidden Knife, You are Probably the Type Who Likes to be Prepared in Any Situation

If you recently purchased one of our tactical belts with the hidden knife, you are probably the type who likes to be prepared in any situation. If we were to take a tour of your home, we would more than likely discover a cache of food and other supplies just in case of an emergency. [...]

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If You are into Hunting Turkeys, Pack Your Tactical Gear and Prepare to Visit These Top Turkey Hunting States

Though it may not yet be officially fall, September is the pivotal month that ushers in cooler weather. And with cooler weather comes the realization that hunting season will soon be upon us. There are some states when September 1st marks the start of turkey season, a favorite target of hunters in all states. If [...]

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Some People Prefer a Single Point Tactical Sling Over the Two Point Sling and Some People Prefer to Shoot from the Prone Position Over, Say, the Kneeling Position

Some people prefer a single point tactical sling over the two-point sling and some people prefer to shoot from the prone position over, say, the kneeling position. There are four basic shooting positions that the proficient marksman will learn. All four of these positions have their own place when you are out in the field. [...]

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