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At Crosstac, We Offer a Variety of Single and Two-Point Tactical Slings

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The primary function of a tactical sling is to carry a combat or duty rifle. This enables the operator to keep both hands free to perform other tasks. And although it may sound relatively simple, choosing the proper tactical sling can be a process. The type of sling you choose will depend on the weapon you are carrying, the purpose for the sling and the types of mounting points on your weapon.

The one-point sling attaches to your weapon at the rear. Since there is only one point at which the sling is attached to the weapon, it gives you the most flexibility. Your gun will be much easier to move around in a one-point sling and it is easy to switch back and forth between your dominate and support shoulders. It is this maneuverability that makes the one-point sling a popular choice. It is perfect for use when operating inside a vehicle.

The two-point sling offers better stability in comparison because it is attached at two points of the weapon. This sling tends to keep your weapon close to your body which enables you to use both hand when on the move. However, it lacks the maneuverability of the one-point sling. This makes it difficult to utilize your weapon in tight quarters. It also means that switching shoulders is a difficult task.

At Crosstac, we offer a variety of single and two-point tactical slings. We are certain there is one just right for you. Visit our website and check them out. 

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