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Improve Your Accuracy with a Precision Shooting Mat


Long range shooters understand that environmental factors will weigh heavily on their shooting accuracy. Many competitors also know that by owning and using the proper shooters gear their rifle will become more stable. Eliminating human error will ensure that all you have to contend with will be the environmental factors!

Long range shooters learn early on that the temperature of the air affects their shots. Colder air will supply more resistance than warm air. Spending excess time in the hot climates with no barrel shade will lead to decreased accuracy. Those shooting at high elevations much contend with thinner air and low density. Bullets will travel slightly farther will less bullet drop. Everyone knows that wind is the enemy. Without proper adjustments for wind your shot could miss completely. Most of the time wind and gusts can be unpredictable.

While long range shooters have no control over Mother Nature, they surely have control over their own shooting technique. Owning and using the proper shooters gear will keep them much more comfortable when they stay in the same position for long periods of time. The proper gear will also decrease the instability of the rifle which leads to a more accurate shot. The Precision Shooting Mat by Crosstac was designed with a bipod rail to keep your rifle from moving forward. It was also constructed out of the highest quality materials and padding to keep the shooter more comfortable while lying prone.

Crosstac has all of the tactical and long range shooters gear for competitive shooters. Browse our inventory and experience the difference in your shot accuracy.

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Organize Your Long Range Gear

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Optimizing Your Long Distance Shooting With Precision Shooting Mats

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