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From Tactical Belts to Shooting Mats, We Carry It All

Posted by Bret on

My father would never leave the house with his pocketknife, and the same can be said for his father. There are many memories of dad pulling out his knife to resolve any number of situations. Perhaps it was needed to cut a loose thread from his jeans or to open a bottle of beer. Regardless the task, it seemed that pocketknife was always utilized for something. There was a time when carrying a pocketknife was the way to go. Unfortunately, many people do not wear jeans seven days a week. That is, some of the pants manufactured today aren’t really made to hold a knife in the pocket without looking silly. This is why the Lightning Tactical Belt is so handy. In enables the user to carry a knife in nearly any situation. Here are some reasons to always keep a knife handy.

Internet shopping is the bomb. You can log onto your laptop or tablet and really buy just about anything. There is almost no reason to go to Walmart anymore. Anyway, that knife comes in handy when all those packages from Ebay and Amazon arrive on the doorstep. It is pretty obvious there are some people in this country that take packaging seriously. If it wasn’t for the knife, many of these packages would be simply put into storage and forgotten.

The biggest reason for carrying a knife is that you walk out into that big, cold world knowing that you are prepared for just about everything.

So come and check out our line of tactical belts, knives and shooting mats. We are certain you will find just what you are looking for.