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If you're a "lighter is better" shooter, our Recon Mat will help keep you super mobile and super accurate. Different camo patterns on both sides make this mat extremely versatile in varying terrain. We also build our bipod rail into both sides of the mat for greater stability and shooting accuracy.

Multicam is featured on one side, and Multicam Arid is on the other. A camo pattern to match your surroundings no matter where you happen to be. Lighter, tougher, more mobile.

Sewn in web bipod rails on both sides to give you greater stability and accuracy. Grommets to pin it down or tie it out for a hasty shelter. Wrap up with it for instant camo.

Flat bungee straps to hold it closed when rolled up, Molle to attach it to whatever you want.

Lots of useful options in a supremely mobile configuration. Only 1.2 lbs (unpadded regular length) and made of two layers of 500D cordura for toughness. Full mil-spec webbing, packs to a small 14" x 3" size.

All fabrics used are 500 Denier WR - water resistant and urethane coated on the inside. Padded versions feature a sewn in layer of premium american-made foam, closed-cell to not absorb water, 1/8 thick. Gives just enough extra protection and insulation from the elements. Adds 6 ounces weight. Long versions add 12" length.

Technical Specs

  • Integral web bipod rails on each side
  • Open size 27 1/2" wide X 58 1/2" long (Long option adds 12" length)
  • Closed size approx. 14" long x 3" wide
  • Padding adds 1/8" of closed-cell premium foam and approx. 6 ounces weight
  • Perfect for shoot and move, bivy, or any mobile application.
  • Dual layers of 500-Denier WR Cordura, urethane coated inside for highest water resistance possible, WR means water repellent coated on the outside
  • Panel stitching to prevent fabric movement.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

Product Reviews

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  1. First mat I ever bought.

    Posted by Scott D. Jones on 1st Mar 2016

    I have just recently got into longer range shooting. Took this mat out to my local range and shot prone for a little more than an hour. After I was done I felt very comfortable and satisfied with this mat. I was expecting to get out of the prone position with some stiffness in my body. The long padded mat took a lot of the recoil out of my body. After finishing shooting I almost fell asleep on the mat.

  2. Money well spent

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2016

    I purchased the padded, long length, Recon mat. After receiving, examining, and deploying the mat under field conditions I am very impressed with the quality and function. Unless you're going to be proned-out on a golf course, buy the padded version. This mat folds easily and is very packable. The Recon mat is now part of my call-out kit.

  3. Multi-role mat

    Posted by M.G. on 4th Dec 2015

    Added padding is just enough to be comfortable, while not adding too much bulk.
    Great addition to the bug-out-bag!
    Sewn in bi-pod rail.....enough said!

  4. Quality Construction

    Posted by John D. on 5th Sep 2015

    I found the RECON shooting mat to be constructed of not just quality materials but made with good versatility in mind. Excellent stitching, webbing, grommets, and loops. Also a feature set that has it filling gaps for a number of things Living in a high Desert area that borders elevations running up to 10k ft, the two patterns give me versatility when using my mat as a modified blind or an extra ground layer when taking a break from hiking or if I'm stuck out overnight and using it with a quick bivouac as a ground layer. The stitching holding the foam layer between the two outer layers is very well done. Even with the added foam, it is very compact. Extremely pleased with this four-in-one mat!

  5. Excellent Shooting Mat, Perfect Length

    Posted by Manny R on 8th Jun 2015

    I own 2 others and they are great but the extra length of this mat makes it perfect to give both your rifle and body separation from yucky ground conditions. The reversible camo is fantastic to adapt to different areas.

  6. great shooting mat

    Posted by sean graham on 5th Jun 2015

    Recently purchased this mat. I got the long version and padded. Very well made, folds well and is very lightweight and packable. I do wish it was a little bit wider but it designed to be small and packable. Love the bipod strap to load the bipod on both sides. Overall great product that appears to be constructed in a way to last.

  7. No B.S. American Qualiy

    Posted by >>>----->Texas Shooter<-----<< on 18th May 2015

    This shooter mat is a Perfect example of Top of the line design and craftsmanship. You might find a less expensive "global outsourced" mat, and if you are satisfied with lowest common denominator equipment theres plenty out there to choose from.
    "Buy once and cry about it once" they say, but this will be one of more crosstac mats I will own. The bipod rail works well with my harris unit. I highly reccomend getting the padded long mat as you get a little more ground cover and it doesnt take up much more room than the regular packed up. The thing is also a good looking product as well.

  8. Excellent minimalist shooting mat

    Posted by Manny R on 8th May 2015

    I purchased both the padded and unpadded versions. Both are excellent quality with heavy duty construction and the padded version provides enough comfort for shooting on hard ground or rocky terrain.

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