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If you're a "lighter is better" shooter, our Recon Mat will help keep you super mobile and super accurate. Different camo patterns on both sides make this mat extremely versatile in varying terrain. We also build our bipod rail into both sides of the mat for greater stability and shooting accuracy.

Multicam is featured on one side, and Multicam Arid is on the other. A camo pattern to match your surroundings no matter where you happen to be. Lighter, tougher, more mobile.

Sewn in web bipod rails on both sides to give you greater stability and accuracy. Grommets to pin it down or tie it out for a hasty shelter. Wrap up with it for instant camo.

Flat bungee straps to hold it closed when rolled up, Molle to attach it to whatever you want.

Lots of useful options in a supremely mobile configuration. Only 1.2 lbs (unpadded regular length) and made of two layers of 500D cordura for toughness. Full mil-spec webbing, packs to a small 14" x 3" size.

All fabrics used are 500 Denier WR - water resistant and urethane coated on the inside. Padded versions feature a sewn in layer of premium american-made foam, closed-cell to not absorb water, 1/8 thick. Gives just enough extra protection and insulation from the elements. Adds 6 ounces weight. Long versions add 12" length.

Technical Specs

  • Integral web bipod rails on each side
  • Open size 27 1/2" wide X 58 1/2" long (Long option adds 12" length)
  • Closed size approx. 14" long x 3" wide
  • Padding adds 1/8" of closed-cell premium foam and approx. 6 ounces weight
  • Perfect for shoot and move, bivy, or any mobile application.
  • Dual layers of 500-Denier WR Cordura, urethane coated inside for highest water resistance possible, WR means water repellent coated on the outside
  • Panel stitching to prevent fabric movement.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

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  1. 5 Star products from 5 Star Company

    Posted by Manny R. on 30th Apr 2015

    I became a Cross Tac customer with the purchase of my first rear bag. It was so good that someone stole it while I was out at the range. I bought 3 more and clearly marked them so it won't happen again. Every time I go to the range and people shoot my rifle and use my Cross Tac rear bag they say wow, it's a great bag, where did you get it? I've purchased 2 belts and again they are 5 star.
    Now because I travel around the country to shoot long range and I travel by air due to time constraints, I need to pack smart. The Cross Tac unpadded shooting mat is perfect. Packs small and keeps the dirt and mud off me and my gun, the design is intelligent and the quality is (again sorry for repeating myself) 5 star. Excellent products, excellent customer service. Thank you.


    Posted by Joseph Reganato Jr , Sarasota FL on 19th Mar 2015

    The Mat is Just well made and worth every penny... I bought one to try and bought a second for guests... The Mat works well on a concrete bench rest also... Just folded in half... Since I bought the two mat's I have also bought a bag rest, and a belt... Love the products here... I did make wooden dowls to fit into the bipod load material. 1/2 or 3/8 inch diameter dowels work great.

  3. Good Stuff!!!

    Posted by 2Wheel on 3rd Sep 2014

    I ordered the padded mat - IT IS GREAT!!! I somewhat regret not getting the non-padded mat now. Why? just for space in my pack. I think what I'll do is just fold it instead of roll it, place it longitudinal with my rifle in the drag bag. But - for a cold ground, the padding will be nice as insulation from the ice crusted ground. I may order a non-padded one yet too. Choices! :) I absolutely LOVE the sewn in strip for loading the bipod, one of the biggest selling points. A close second place winning feature was the very clever multi-cam and ATACS camo patterns on each side! Great material, fast shipping. Thank you!! I look forward to putting this mat through its' paces!!

  4. Easy to pack and use

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2014

    Great quality and function ! It is like getting two shooting mats in one with the bipod rail on both sides. Will use this often.

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