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Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag, pre-filled


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Improve your shooting NOW.  

This is the most rugged, most unique, tactical squeeze bag on the market. It's the industry's first ergonomically designed rear squeeze bag (oval) that fits your hand. Before we created this squeeze bag, we used old socks.  Those days are over, thank goodness.

Unique one-way stretch fabric and special fill allows for precise up and down adjustment... vastly superior to a sock. This is hands-down the least expensive investment for increased accuracy!

We put tremendous attention to detail in creating this squeeze bag with one main goal in mind: helping to our customers get more accurate shots downrange.  If you're a long range shooter that likes to shoot prone with a bipod, but still have a bit of instability, our tactical rear squeeze bag is a brilliant yet inexpensive solution that will add tremendously to your long range shooting stability.

Now available in several finishes: grip coyote brown, grip black, Multicam, Multicam Arid, blaze orange.

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Crosstac Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag | Squeeze Bag | Tactical Squeeze Bag 01:24

This is the most rugged, most unique, tactical squeeze bag on the market. The industry's first ergonomically designed rear squeeze bag. It's oval shape conforms to your hand, don't use an old pair of sicks that stretch in every way but what you want. Get yours today at

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    This is the most rugged, most unique, tactical squeeze bag on ...
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Technical Specs

  • 6.0" or 8.0" long with a 4.0" x 2.5" oval shape
  • Wrist strap to wear on the off-hand
  • Pre-filled with inert solid poly beads for great feel
  • Zippered so you can adjust the fill if wanted.
  • Oval ergonomic shape fits the hand for comfort.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

Product Reviews

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  1. Fillrd rear bag

    Posted by John Frasier on 17th Oct 2017

    Bag is very well made and works the way it is described. I have found it to be the best product for locking the rifle but in place and being able to adjust the elevation without moving the rifle. I would highly recommend it for bench rest shooting and sighting in your rifle.

  2. Best squeegee bag

    Posted by Rich C on 27th Sep 2017

    A shooting friend had one at the range and after trying it, my intention was I needed one of these bags. That night I ordered it. Works great and is of good quality. Buy one it's worth it.

  3. Go to bag

    Posted by Rich C on 26th Sep 2017

    This is the go to bag each time I go to the range. Glad I purchased this bag, maybe another in the near future

  4. solid bag

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jun 2017

    Bag is great. Rock solid doesn't move sideways either. Two other shooting buddies tried it and decided to order them also.

  5. Neat bag

    Posted by mk on 31st May 2017

    Got this along with the heavy front bag. I am still trying to figure out where to place this rear bag. I wish the bag was filled a little more. It is pretty saggy. I might move some from the front bag.

    Anyways, the combo seems to work. I will enjoy this neat innovative product for years to come. Thanks

    CROSSTAC: Glad you like the products and thanks! The fill rate is always a taste thing, to make the bag adjust. Too much and it will be too firm to shoot well. If it's a bit too soft we'll gladly send you some more fill, or if you don't want to wait you can put anything soft inside it (wadded up acrylic yarn works great)

  6. No extra lbs.

    Posted by Mac on 17th Jan 2017

    Great back for back country hunts, light weight and functional. Does add to your load....great bag.
    CROSSTAC: check out our new ultralight version of this bag, only 0.15 pounds !!

  7. Got as replacement

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2016

    Just got a replacement for one I got several years ago.

    This product is extremely durable, but curious fingers opened the zipper and some of the filling material spilled out and changed the height of the bag.

    I tried to repack the materials back to the pouch, but unfortunately the results I got were more spilled fillings. I tried for 40 minutes and decided to order one because I can’t live without this when I go to the range to shoot my rifles.

    Considering how steady my rifles get and the minute adjustments I can do, even with my less than average coordinated hand, I can’t even consider shooting without this.

    I found that I don’t have to squeeze the bag as much to maintain POA and I can forget about it and concentrate on the trigger pull.

    In my opinion, it’s an excellent solution to a real problem with an superb construction quality; what not to like?

  8. Money well spent!

    Posted by IG: service_rifle_clones on 3rd Nov 2016

    Like a lot of other shooters/service members...the old OD Green sock filled with rice or sand was what I used for years and refused to buy one of them fancy rear bags. It was always "good enough" why spend the money right? I am so glad I did. Since I bought mine, I haven't shot without it. For precision shooting/load development, it definitely helps keep my reticle where I need it to be when breaking the shot.
    The bag material and special fill feels really cool, almost like one of those stress balls that you squeeze, and the material only stretching vertically definitely makes a big difference. Not as worried about getting it wet as I was with a sock filled with random shit. Thanks guys! Awesome investment for my precision shooting kit.

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