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We came up with this bag because of all the odd positions the PRS (Precision Rifle Series) matches forced on shooters, and our desire for a real "does it all" shooting bag. We also wanted something super light and super configurable but worked for everything.

Match day was rough before this bag. At a rifle match trying to balance on one foot, shoot over a rock, and break the shot without falling over was no fun. Whether you shoot for fun, hunt until you drop, or compete at PRS, you know what we're talking about.

We are really proud of this design. This bag opens up to straddle all types of things, has different width legs so you can use it under your arm for low / medium / high angle shots, and when buckled together it has 4", 9" and 13" sides to it. Plus you can buckle two together for a big block bag. And if that wasn't all, we put a bungee cord on the side to pull on. Why? That gets rid of the extra air (think "cush") in it and makes a firmer bag if you need a little extra height quick for a shot. Topping it off is a light carabiner to clip it to whatever you want. We even put some elastic loop on the side so if you're running it always in split mode the strap can hide there (and you can adjust the fill with that strap too... the options are endless).

Technical Specs

500D Mil-Spec material
Full Mil-spec stitching
Ultralight Poly Fill
Zippered to adjust fill as needed
Bungee tensioner
Stackable - Clip two together
Asymmetric leg design - for offhand shooting / 3 different heights
Use split for barricade work or offhand
Use non-split for standard shots, wear on elbow, mounting on firearm

SIZE: 4 X 9 X 13 in.

WEIGHT: 10.5 ounces

Multicam Arid
Multicam / Blaze Orange
Coyote Brown
Olive Drab

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