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Does Your Homemade Shooting Mat Make a Better Sponge?

Posted by Bret on

There is the age-old story about the guy who was tired of lying in damp conditions while on the shooting range. He decided to piece together a shooting mat out of an old piece of carpet and and old bath towel. What he thought was a masterpiece turned out to be a disaster. Since it was wet, and the carpet and towel weren’t waterproof, he spent the day lying on a soaking wet contraption that was nearly the cause of a bad cold, if not much worse. But let’s face it, whether you want to stay clean, or dry or away from biting insects, you need a shooting mat that is durable, waterproof and comfortable.

If you are tired of dealing with ants, stickers, rocks and all the other nuisances of the shooting range, then you just might want to invest in a stellar shooting mat. Sure, you can try to build one yourself, and risk producing the equivalent of a sponge, or you can shop here and get something you will absolutely enjoy for a long time to come.

Our RECON shooting mat will definitely keep you super mobile and super accurate. This quality mat features different camo patterns on both sides, making it an industry first. There is a unique bipod rail built into both sides for greater stability and shooting accuracy. Now, you can attempt to build your own using materials you find around the house or at your local Wal-mart, but will it really even come close to this beauty?