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Tactical Belts are One of Our Best Sellers Here at Crosstac

Posted by Bret on

Tactical belts are one of our best sellers here at Crosstac and their popularity continues to grow. These types of belts used to be bulky and drab looking, used mainly by those in the military or law enforcement. However, tactical belts are becoming very mainstream and you may actually be sitting next to somebody utilizing one right now.

Our original D-Belt Tactical Belt is perfect for the concealed carry. Our orginal D-Belt comes with the ability to conceal the Boker Credit Card Knife. This belt also offers super strength with the comfort and style you demand. All of this and it packs a tactical punch too. Our customers rave about this belt and let us know just how comfortable it really is. Check it out today.

The D-Belt 2 Tactical Belt offers the same strength and comfort as the original. It is designed to conceal the Boker Credit Card Knife behind the Cobra buckle for easy access. We designed a special D-cut insert to ensure ideal balance of stiffness and giving so you can wear it in total comfort. This bad boy also comes with a hidden money slot to make it an ultimate concealment belt.

Our Lightning Belt is the granddaddy of them all. This belt will give both men and women a stylish and fun tactical edge. This belt comes in a variety of unique colors that sets it apart from anything you have seen. We are talking vivid colors like purple, neon pink and turquoise. The belt comes standard with a silver Cobra buckles or you can opt for our Black Cobra Buckles for a more tactical look.