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The Importance Of Your Shooting Mat

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Focus on shooting and not on the cold hard ground, mud, and rocks you may be laying on. A tactical shooting mat is constructed of water resistant poly coating with poly webbing, and non slip rubberized surface with closed cell foam for comfort. A shooting mat rolls up easily for storage. If you are focused on becoming a serious shooter, the importance of a good mat should be at the top of the list. One of the main components of becoming an expert at anything is focus and practice. Your shooting mat gives you the comfort you need to concentrate on the task at hand. I am sure you will find that as your love for shooting grows you will desire all the accessories that go with it.

Our tactical mats are designed to meet the needs of the tactical sniper as well as competition shooters.The shooting mat allows the shooter to carry their rifle in a padded case and then deploy on a cushion surface you won’t slip on. Your shooting mat basically gives you the convenience of keeping all your gear in one place and the desire to shoot with precision of a professional. It is important to remember you are only as good as your gear so don’t go without everything you need in the field. Keep up with the competition or pass the competition with our top quality tactical gear at Crosstac. We will give you the tools and all you have to do is pull the trigger.

Top Rated Tactical Gear

It’s time that we talk about some of the best tactical shooter’s gear available. As with most experienced shooters, we understand that there are pieces of gear that you will stick with through everything. Great gear can be the game changer for experienced and professional shooters. Proper gear can lead to increased stability, proper shot [...]

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Looking For New Shooters Gear?

Experienced shooters are constantly on the lookout for new and great shooters gear to up their level. Technology has made it possible for shooters gear to be more technologically advanced without added weight or bulk. Technology has also made it possible to update our favorite shooters gear for the modern shooter. There will always be [...]

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Essential Long Range Tactical Gear

Long range shooters are one-of-a-kind. The mindset, preparation, and the proper execution of a long range shot can be an arduous task. Having the proper long range equipment is important to making the perfect shot. Pay the price for great tactical gear instead of replacing gear at regular intervals. Crosstac has some of the highest [...]

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Protect Yourself With Tactical Gear

The world has changed significantly in the last 50 years. It seems that we are living in a scarier world with war, gun issues, murder, and over-exposure on social media. Thankfully we have right as Americans that allow us to protect ourselves. Tactical gear can now be useful to everyone, not just those who serve [...]

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If You are into Hunting Turkeys, Pack Your Tactical Gear and Prepare to Visit These Top Turkey Hunting States

Though it may not yet be officially fall, September is the pivotal month that ushers in cooler weather. And with cooler weather comes the realization that hunting season will soon be upon us. There are some states when September 1st marks the start of turkey season, a favorite target of hunters in all states. If [...]

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If News Broke of Swarming Undead Waltzing Through Town Bent on a Nice Snack of Brains, this is the Tactical Gear We Would Pack

Over the long holiday weekend, those lucky enough to stay inside were treated to a Walking Dead marathon. Now, we all know the zombie apocalypse isn't anything that will occur in our lifetime, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? If news broke of swarming undead waltzing through town bent on a nice snack of brains, this is the [...]

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Innovations For Better Tactical Gear

We aren't satisfied with the normal tactical gear that so many other websites sell. You shouldn’t be, either. Instead, shop with us. We're always looking for ways to make our tactical gear better for our customers, so it works better, is easier to use, and gives them superior results. That's what led us to make [...]

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We All Know There Will Never be a Zombie Apocalypse, But Just in Case, You Should Stock Up on Our Tactical Gear

If you are a fan of zombies and enjoy The Walking Dead and zombie movies in general, there are many things to be learned by watching them. For example, if the survivors of the zombie apocalypse had shopped Crosstac before the dead took over the world, they would be much better off.We are very strong [...]

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IN DEPTH: Our Precision Long Range Shooting Mat

Our Precision Long Range Shooting Mat has much more built into it than meets the eye.  We love getting questions about the details that go into it because those details are what make this mat special.For starters, our mat is intended for heavy field use and precision long range work. We abuse ours heavily, and [...]

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