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The Difference Between a Single Point Tactical Sling and a Two Point Sling

Posted by Bret on

There are three different sling styles and they are each intended for different types of guns and different types of uses. We will take a little closer look at the different sling set ups.

A single point tactical sling attaches to your weapon at a single point. This point is usually around where the shooter’s hand is gripping the weapon. The single point sling isn’t all about carrying the weapon, nor is it about weight distribution. The single point sling is all about retention. The idea here is to keep an enemy from taking your gun or as a way to easily switch to a handgun in the occasion that your rifle runs out of ammo. The single sling is also used to hold your weapon while you have two free hands to do something else. Bottom line is a single point sling is perfect if you are planning on doing a lot of moving around and shooting.

The two point sling is the traditional method of carrying guns. Most firearms are set up for the two point sling. This sling will attach at two points of your weapon and provide you with excellent stability. Not only will it provide a stable transport, it is great for steadying the gun for more accurate shooting.

The three point sling is basically an attempt to combine the single and double sling. This particular sling consists of a loop of a belt that is draped over your head and is then attached at two point of the rifle.

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