ARCA Barricade Block Pair

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Product Overview

CROSSTAC ARCA Barricade Block.  With the grooves machined into the blocks, these will give you the traction and stability to make any barricade shots out there.   The blocks feature a QD mount in the base to do sling tensioning, and the grooved exterior helps prevent side to side slip but still allows easy release vertically.  Machined window for extra versatility.

Mounts not included - price is per pair.

Enhanced Features 

  • Barricade Grabbing Grooves
  • QD hole in base
  • Windowed for finger grab / versatility
  • Size is 1.25" W x 2.0"H x 1.25"D
  • Tapers to 0.75" x 1.25" at the base.

The CROSSTAC extras:

CNC Machined, Type 3 Hard Anodized
100% Made in USA by the dedicated at CROSSTAC