Belt Sizing

IMPORTANT: Belt Size Measuring Instructions


Your Crosstac Belt is handmade using exact, precision sizing.  

It's common for your belt size to be 2"-3" larger than a pants size. A pants size is a measurement of you -- a belt size is a measurement of you with a layer of fabric (your pants) wrapped around you as well as holsters and other accessories. THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE YOUR WILL GET THE RIGHT SIZE IS TO MEASURE.

The best way to measure is with a cloth measuring tape, but a piece of string will work too, place it through your belt loops along with any accessories.

If you would like any assistance in the measuring process, please feel free to call us. A quick call is easier and cheaper for everyone than a belt exchange.

Belt Return & Exchange Policy: Crosstac will provide a 50% credit for any unworn belt toward any other size needed, that does not fit due to a customer measurement error.  Customer is responsible for both the cost of returning the belt to Crosstac and return shipping cost.