CkyePod Upgrade Kit

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Product Overview

Frustrated by the tiny little buttons on your Ckyepod locking up and ripping at your fingernails?  Would you like to be able to instantly change the angle and height?   Equally tired of the tensioner working loose?  

The solution is simple - get our Ckyepod upgrade kit.  


Features big oversize stainless steel CNC machined buttons that give you much more leverage - so the bipod swivels much easier.  Our buttons are large enough to use with gloves on.  Also included is our tensioner replacement.  Engineered to never work loose, no matter how much you move the rifle - it won't loosen so the tension won't change.  Set it to swivel light or heavy, it stays that way. 


Kit includes replacement shaft with precision thrust bearing setup, adjustable handle (red), two replacement CNC machined oversized knobs for super fast adjustments.

Grab one of these kits today, you'll love it !