Mk109 Muzzle Brake

$129.99 - $139.99

Product Overview

The Crosstac Mk109 self-timing muzzle brake is based on Army science and research.  Other brake designs use excessive weight to reduce recoil, or they are made to be a tacticool-looking muzzle ornament.  Not ours.

After reviewing the exhausting Army research into howitzer muzzle brake designs, we applied those primary efficiency concepts to our brakes.  The benefit for you is a brake that dramatically reduces recoil and has the added benefit of virtually eliminating muzzle climb.  Check out the video below of it installed on an M4 shooting full auto, single handed, with zero muzzle climb.  

Design is fully caliber specific.  Ports are sized to caliber, distance from the muzzle crown to each baffle varies and is based on caliber.

You have to shoot this to believe it.  See tech specs for the calibers available. 


Tech Specs

  • Technical Specs:
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel, hardened (this is tough stuff and will last a long time)
  • Black Oxide coated
  • Class 3 threads (tight for minimal slop)
  • Weights: approx. 0.18 lb.
  • Sizes: approx. 1" x 3.0"

Product Videos