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Pro Armorer's Mat Review

Common sense is a great motivator.  It's how we came up with the little details that make our Pro Armorer's Mat one of the most useful pieces of gear you can have with you at the range.  We never quite know how much these little details will be appreciated, until we see a great video [...]

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We're Making Friends!

Since launching our new site in January, we've made a lot of new friends.  We'd like to thank the most recent of our new friends, GUNSPEC, for posting this great piece on our Pro Armorer Mat, a mat that has been getting a ton of attention lately...From the bench to the range, this is one of [...]

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It's in the BAG!

Having a well-designed shooting bag makes a big difference.  Using standard Caldwell pattern shooting bags with any sort of magazine fed rifle, you find that the bag sits so low, it doesn't clear the bench well.  It also will "monopod out" on the bench.  This entirely defeats the purpose of the bag...Not so fast.  Having a well-designed [...]

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Pro Armorer's Mat Saves The Day

The Pro Armorer's Mat saves my bacon out at the range.About two weeks ago the 5.45x39 AR upper I had been waiting on arrived so I could complete my project AR that I had been gathering bits and pieces for the better part of a year to complete.  Got it all assembled in a couple [...]

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This Belt is Tactical Gear and as Such Serves You Practical Features like the Ability to Conceal Our SOG Micron Knife

Our Lightning Belt is one of our best selling items and there are several reasons why it is so popular. The first thing you notice when you see the belt is how it looks stylish and full of energy. We offer colors that stand out and literally jump out at you. You can choose from vivid purple [...]

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