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Tactical Squeeze Bags and Why You Need One

4th Jan 2015

In a competitive long range shooting event millimeters can be the difference between winning and losing. Every shooter arrives to events with similar shooters gear that helps them stay more comfortabl … read more

Top Rated Tactical Gear

21st Dec 2014

It’s time that we talk about some of the best tactical shooter’s gear available. As with most experienced shooters, we understand that there are pieces of gear that you will stick with through everyth … read more

Looking For New Shooters Gear?

4th Dec 2014

Experienced shooters are constantly on the lookout for new and great shooters gear to up their level. Technology has made it possible for shooters gear to be more technologically advanced without adde … read more

Essential Long Range Tactical Gear

Posted by Madblogger on 24th Nov 2014

Long range shooters are one-of-a-kind. The mindset, preparation, and the proper execution of a long range shot can be an arduous task. Having the proper long range equipment is important to making the … read more

Organize Your Long Range Gear

Posted by Madblogger on 30th Oct 2014

Having the right shooters gear can keep you organized with all of your necessities in one location. The right long range organizer will ensure that you are never without some of the most important too … read more