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Gun Slings: Which One Is Right For You?

15th Nov 2015

The primary function of the tactical gun sling is to help carry a duty or combat rifle, allowing the operator to keep both hands free for other tasks. While its function may seem simple, choosing the … read more

Gun Sling Options

20th Oct 2015

Using a gun sling, or tactical sling, when handling a gun can offer benefits for you while hunting or training for tactical situations. You never know when you will need to use your hands to climb or … read more

3 Keys to Finding Great Shooters Gear

9th Jul 2015

When it comes to having the best shooters gear, it doesn’t always take spending the most money. It’s more about finding gear that works for you, is high-quality and is reliable. If you’re looking for … read more

4 Tips for Concealed Carry in Public

26th Jun 2015

The right to carry a gun is one that has been long controversial and many who oppose it are concerned about those who have the ability to carry, no matter how irrational their fears can be. If you’re … read more