Gun Sling Options

20th Oct 2015

Using a gun sling, or tactical sling, when handling a gun can offer benefits for you while hunting or training for tactical situations. You never know when you will need to use your hands to climb or move into a position that requires you to use both hands or shimmy on your belly. When this is the case, it will require you to have your gun in a position out of the way and ready for when it’s needed.

Many shooters practice shooting on both sides, while others have a preferred hand. In some cases, the gun sling can be ambidextrous, and other times, as you clip the sling on, it may be placed and used on the preferred side. No matter what side and the arrangement for your sling, it should keep your weapon available at all times, give you the freedom of using your hands when the weapon is not in use, and allow you to change weapons readily and quickly.

Crosstac carries a variety of tactical slings in our shooting accessories. The V-Point Sling, for instance, is used with a vest or plate carrier and offers ambidextrous access to the gun with accuracy and long-distance control. Another one of our tactical slings is the Outfitter Sling Biothane. This gun sling offers a very tough synthetic nylon coating with a finish that feels almost like leather. The material for the strap performs well in any temperature and even when wet. No matter the gun sling you choose for comfort and function, Crosstac products take practical products for shooting and improves them by leaps and bounds.