4 Tips for Concealed Carry in Public

26th Jun 2015

The right to carry a gun is one that has been long controversial and many who oppose it are concerned about those who have the ability to carry, no matter how irrational their fears can be. If you’re comfortable with carrying, to avoid being hassled for it, here are some tips that may help.

  1. Once you put your gun on, leave it. As tempting as it is, don’t constantly check to see if the gun is still there. If you have the right gear to hold the gun in place, it shouldn’t go anywhere. Trust that it will stay put.
  2. Don't touch your gun constantly. Train to pull it quickly and with ease on your personal time, then be intentional about leaving it alone in public. If you are well-trained, your muscle memory will come into play if you need to pull your weapon.
  3. Adjusting the gun in public. If your gun shifts, don’t reach down and fix it in eye shot of others. Make sure you can find a private place, like a locked bathroom stall, in your car or in a place without surveillance equipment. People will get pretty jumpy if they see you handling your gun in public, even if it’s simply to make an adjustment.
  4. Understand the laws. Concealed carry isn’t legal everywhere and in every state. Knowing and understanding what the firearm laws are is critical to you carrying.

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