Concealed Carry Belts: Concealed Carry Tips For Beginners

1st Nov 2015

Here at Crosstac, we are your number one source for concealed carry belts and other shooting gear. So, you’ve decided to carry a concealed firearm and that’s great! Before you dive head first into it, let’s go over a few tips that will help you on your way to successfully and safely carrying your firearm.

  • Tip #1: Buy multiple holsters before buying multiple firearms. Choosing a firearm and accompanying holster can be an intimidating task, and you’re sure to end up with a drawer full of holsters until you find the one that’s right for you. Getting situated with a comfortable system is extremely important. Not only will it be the safest way for you to carry, but it will also help you carry every day
  • Tip #2: Wear your holster, belt, and firearm around the house first. If you don’t know exactly how your new setup will act while you’re out and about, you could have something unintentional happen such as your firearm dropping to the floor or accidentally exposing it to people around you. Neither of these will result in a good day.
  • Tip #3: Know the law! If you’re going to carry a concealed gun, you better be certain that you’re legally authorized to do so. In most states, you’re required to have a CCW permit in order to carry a concealed gun. If this applies to you, get your permit before you carry.
  • Tip #4: Don't bluff! When faced with a deadly threat, if you aren’t certain that you could align the sights of your handgun on assailant’s body and press the trigger, you have no business carrying a gun.