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AR-15 Armorer Roll Pin Punch


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Roll pin punch only.  CNC machined, stainless steel.  Original design allows starting pins without using 3 hands!  Fits perfectly vertical along the receiver when starting the bolt catch release pin. 

Handle is designed to fit into the 0.25" take down pins holes, and is crossdrilled to start the spring and detent.  Start them, push the take down pin through while withdrawing our roll pin punch.  No more parts flying across the shop (well... maybe two less parts!).  Super handy. 

Technical Specs

  • CNC precision-machined from solid stainless rod.
  • Tip is recessed to hold roll pin for easy starting.
  • Handle is cross-drilled to install take down pin springs and detents.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

Product Reviews

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  1. CrossTac roll pin punch starter

    Posted by D K on 14th Jun 2017

    This is by far the best starter punch I have used to install/start the bolt release roll pin. I have built 10 of my own guns without this and have always had a hard time installing the roll pin, I got this and have since built 3 more and it works great wish I had it for the other 10 I built. Thanks for the great product.

  2. Extremely Great Product, Long Time to Ship

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jan 2016

    This extra long roll pin punch is the best and is just the ticket for putting your project together without unwanted damage. It is extremely well made. The roll pin punch is made of stainless steel!!! A lot of companies claim their products are stainless, but are not. Only negative comment I have is that this order took waaaaay too long to ship. Ten days from the time I ordered it to when I received it with 2 day air. (Crosstac: we agree - we must have been out of stock, please email customer service and we'll certainly refund your shipping)

  3. A Must Have tool for AR Builds

    Posted by Lt. D. Foglton on 26th May 2015

    I build M-4s for my agency and have always struggled with the bolt catch roll pins. No Roll Pin starter punches were long enough to properly start the roll pin from the correct end of the lower ( threaded Buffer tube end) There is flat sided pin, that although was a great idea it is way too short and must be used from the magazine end and that does not work that well. I just happened to need a mag well vice block and bought the CrossTac kit that came with a LONG stainless Roll Pin starter punch. When using this pin punch for the first time, I immediately became aware that my struggles were over. This punch is a miracle tool if you assemble lowers, I now can seat the roll pin in less than 15 seconds (that includes putting blue masking tape along the lower to prevent any possible scratches, which so far have not occurred). Great Job guys on this extra LONG starter punch, I have ordered more and given them as gifts.

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