1911 Pistol Block


Product Overview

1911 Pistol Block for mounting into our Modular Block Kit. 

Securely mount 1911 pistol frames to this block.  Use the adjustable nylon set screws to adjust tension for a very secure hold.  This is an great way to hold 1911's.  Block is specifically designed to be short enough to remove the 1911 trigger bow for fitting while the frame is mounted on the block. 

Mounts into the modular base in either direction: parallel or 90 degrees.

CNC machined out of solid 6061-T6 bar stock, type III hard anodized for long life durability.  


Tech Specs

  • Modular system
  • Fits single stack 1911's
  • Blocks mount parallel or at 90 degrees to the base for easier working on firearms
  • 100% made in USA by the dedicated at CROSSTAC

Product Videos