AR-15 Armorer Roll Pin Punch


Product Overview

Roll pin punch only.  CNC machined, stainless steel.  Original design allows starting pins without using 3 hands!  Fits perfectly vertical along the receiver when starting the bolt catch release pin. 

Handle is designed to fit into the 0.25" take down pins holes, and is crossdrilled to start the spring and detent.  Start them, push the take down pin through while withdrawing our roll pin punch.  No more parts flying across the shop (well... maybe two less parts!).  Super handy. 

Tech Specs

  • CNC precision-machined from solid stainless rod.
  • Tip is recessed to hold roll pin for easy starting.
  • Handle is cross-drilled to install take down pin springs and detents.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.