Dressing Right For Concealed Carry

4th Feb 2016

When you have the responsibility of maintaining a concealed carry, you need shooter’s gear, a concealed carry belt or holster, and clothing that helps get the job done while still allowing you to do daily tasks comfortably. Because of this, dressing right for concealed carry is more of an art form that you will develop as you gain more experience. In fact, wearing the wrong clothes when you are carrying is one of the most common mistakes that concealed carriers make. Because of this, we’ve complied some of the best tips to effectively concealing your weapon without compromising your style.

First, it is important to remember the point of concealed carry. You need clothing that allows you to:

  • Effectively conceal your weapon
  • Not spark suspicion
  • Be comfortable
  • Feel good about your style
  • Easily access your firearm

When you are uncomfortable and constantly touching, checking, or adjusting your gun, you’re going to let others on to the fact that you are carrying a weapon. In addition, you don’t want to appear to be the kind of person who is carrying a gun, or worse, carrying a gun illegally. While baggy shirts and pants are certainly convenient for concealing your firearm, you may feel like an armed threat to officers and civilians.

Instead, consider the following options:

Jackets/Coats: Weather permitting, these are highly effective at concealing and provide easy access.

Loose-fitting, button down shirts: Available in both long and short sleeved, these are effective untucked and don’t appear threatening.

Sweater Vest: Like a jacket without the warm-weather concerns, these are very effective as long as you feel comfortable in this style.

Dress shirt, tucked in: While this option is highly effective for concealing a pistol, it’s hard for larger firearms and limits access.

The right clothes are essential to maintaining your concealed weapon. However, as always, the key to concealed carry is having the right belt. Shop our selection today!