Tactical Belts: Common Concealed Carry Mistakes - Part 1

8th Dec 2015

Concealed carry is a big responsibility, and many of the mistakes that are commonly made are a result of not fully understanding or momentarily forgetting the duty associated with carrying a gun in public. By learning the common concealed carry mistakes and having the right tactical belt, you are one step closer to understanding what it takes to have this responsibility, and one step away from serious infractions in the future.

Not Enough Training

While most states require a safety course in order for you to qualify for your concealed carry license, these often only briefly cover laws and basic safety. They are not enough. Take more in-depth training and safety courses for your gun, for situations you may find yourself in and for proper reactions to these situations. This way you will feel prepared and confident in your skill level.

Printing Or Exposing

While printing may not be a big deal in many states, it still is illegal in several areas and can get you into trouble. Make sure you are always conscious of your gun and of how well your clothing conceals it.

Exposing is another story. Accidentally exposing your weapon can present you with a serious infraction, especially if the issue is a result of carelessness with your dress or your concealed carry belt. Be responsible and always aware of your clothing and the quality of your tactical belts.

Buying Cheap Gun Holsters

When it comes to your concealed carry belt, you need to ensure that it is comfortable, convenient and functional. With a poorly made holster, you are itchy, uncomfortable and constantly adjusting, which could lead to someone noticing your gun and you getting into trouble. In addition, having a holster that is not concealing your gun will also land you with an infraction. A quality tactical belt holds your holster and your gun with combined comfort and efficiency so that you can still perform everyday movements with ease.

Stay tuned for more common mistakes and tips, and browse our selection of tactical and concealed carry belts. Where quality meets affordability, you know you are getting shooting accessories you can count on with Crosstac.