Tactical Belts: Common Concealed Carry Mistakes - Part 3

15th Jan 2016

In the past month, we have gone in-depth in order to cover the mistakes commonly made by concealed carriers. This is because carrying a gun in public is not only a great asset, but it is also a great responsibility, and going into any situation with a firearm and improper preparation is a recipe for disaster. These are the final mistakes that concealed carry licensees often make:

Only Occasionally Carrying

If you’ve made the decision to conceal carry and have gotten the proper licensing, then it is essential that you carry your firearm at all times. It is there for your safety and the safety of those around you, so you have the duty to provide that protection wherever you go, whether it’s to the gas station or a late night on the town. In addition, carrying your weapon at all times will help you get more comfortable and confident with it, making you more effective.

Misunderstanding Or Not Learning Gun Laws

Every state has different laws regarding concealed carry. It is imperative for the safety of yourself and those around you that you learn the gun control laws in your area. Your goal should always be to work with the law, not against it, and understanding the laws in your area mean that you are able to offer more effective protection to everyone around you. Misunderstanding the laws or blatantly ignoring them could ultimately result in criminal convictions.

Not Having The Right Mindset

The key in gaining the right mindset for concealed carry is going into it responsibly and respectfully. When you have respect for every person, as well as your weapon, you are less likely to make rash decisions and you are more likely to treat your firearm with the care it needs. Even though you now have a self-defense, it is still so important to avoid dangerous situations. If you are going out looking for a reason to use your gun, then you don’t deserve to carry.

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