DIPLOMAT Maintenance Mat


Product Overview

The DIPLOMAT Gun Cleaning Mat / Maintenance Mat is the perfect in-between size.  We joined our Pro Maintenance Gun Cleaning Mat and our Rifle Maintenance Gun Cleaning Mat to create this perfectly sized gun cleaning mat / firearm maintenance mat for modern rifles.  

You get a solvent and oil proof grippy work surface, a place to store cleaning supplies and parts (3 actually) a place to stick random metal parts on the magnets so they don't roll off the bench or blow away.

The 6 rare earth magnets embedded in the perimeter are so strong, it sticks to anything like crazy, and allows you to put the mat on a tailgate, hood, or other surface without the wind carrying it all away.

Also available kitted out with Pro-Shot cleaning gear for 5.56 / 223, your choice of Stainless Steel or Coated 5-pc rods.  Kits include rods, swivel T-handle, chamber brush, bronze bore brush, nylon brush, stuck case remover, push jag, loop jag, chamber flag / bore inspection tool, 100-pak of 223 patches.  Enough to get started and perfect for a trip to the range.


Tech Specs

The CROSSTAC Diplomat Gun Cleaning Mat Enhanced Features: Super thick durable work surface 20" x 40" open Rolls up to approx 4" diameter Two zippered 9 1/2" x 5" mesh pockets One zippered 7" x 20" full length pocket Solvent Proof rubberized surface 6 rare earth magnets sewn around perimeter Rolls up for tidy storage MADE IN USA

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