RECON Shooting Mat

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Product Overview

If you're a "lighter is better" shooter, our Recon Mat will help keep you super mobile and super accurate. Different camo patterns on both sides make this mat extremely versatile in varying terrain. We also build our bipod rail into both sides of the mat for greater stability and shooting accuracy.

Multicam is featured on one side, and Multicam Arid is on the other. A camo pattern to match your surroundings no matter where you happen to be.

Sewn in web bipod rails on both sides to give you greater stability and accuracy. Grommets to pin it down or tie it out for a hasty shelter. Wrap up with it for instant camo.

Flat bungee straps to hold it closed when rolled up, Molle to attach it to whatever you want.

Lots of useful options in a supremely mobile configuration. Only 1.5 lbs (regular length) and made of two layers of 500D cordura for toughness. Full mil-spec webbing, packs to a small 14" x 6" size.

All fabrics used are 500 Denier WR - water resistant and urethane coated on the inside. Features a sewn in layer of premium american-made foam, closed-cell to repel water, 1/8 thick. Gives just enough extra protection and insulation from the elements.  Long versions add 12" length.

The Details:

  • Integral web bipod rails on each side
  • Open size 27 1/2" wide X 58 1/2" long (Long option adds 12" length)
  • Closed size approx. 14" long x 6" wide
  • Padding with 1/8" of closed-cell premium foam
  • Perfect for shoot and move, bivy, or any mobile application
  • Dual layers of 500-Denier WR Cordura, urethane coated inside for highest water resistance possible, WR means water repellent coated on the outside
  • Panel stitching to prevent fabric movement
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac