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Product Overview

Designed for the operator, the V-POINTTM Sling integrates into a plate carrier or vest, with the webbing secured through the shoulders.  Attachment at the back can be high on the molle, low, or even at the belt. Transfers the weight of the rifle to the vest for comfort.

Adjusted properly, you can press out and get sling support for a stable shooting position yet still have enough room to transition shoulders.

The V-POINTTM Sling allows use of both hands to conduct a task while keeping your primary weapon at the ready.  Transition quickly to a secondary weapon or sweep your primary to the side for administrative tasks by releasing one side of the V-POINTTM clip.  Remove the rifle completely, and the V-POINTTM Sling remains out of your way yet ready.

The V-POINTTM Sling gives you full sling shooting support for superior accuracy and long distance control.  

This system comes with your choice of connector tips: HK or QD.  A pair of Multicam or Black velcro comm wraps are included, so if your vest doesn't have wraps for comm or hydration, you will now.  Set up different weapon platforms and swap out as needed.



Simple - just pass the sling ends through the shoulder comm loops in your vest (or use the ones that come with the V-Point sling if your vest doesn't have them).  Then weave through the Molle as shown in our product photos.  Make sure the snap ends are "reversed" as we have designed the snap ends not to snag on equipment.  See the pics, and note the 100% smooth surface facing out.   Adjust the length of the sling to provide light tension to the shoulder when shooting, helping to create a stable platform.  Also this will allow the rifle to be higher and in the perfect placement for transitions.  

Technical Details

  • Made with Mil-spec IR coated webbing
  • Fits all body types and armor configurations
  • Fully ambidextrous design
  • Provides a much lower perceived threat level in interview scenarios than a standard single point or two-point sling
  • Choose from QD or HK connector tips
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.