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BFB Front Shooting Bag (Big Front Bag), pre-filled


Product Description

The BFB (Big Front Bag) is our largest shooting rest bag, tipping the scales at 13 pounds, yet it is still easy to transport. It is designed to be the proper height for any bench shooting or optic support. The pyramid shape prevents tipping under recoil. It's a much smarter design vs. the rectangular shapes out there that tip over. Non-skid base prevents moving around on the bench. 1000-denier material = tough, unlike the cheap material that the Chinese are famous for. It's also tall enough... you don't need to stick a phone book under it to get it to the right height.

Technical Specs

  • Wobble-free pyramid designed shooting bag
  • Protects and cushions your equipment
  • Reduces recoil and vibration
  • Adapts to the desired shape and firmness
  • Rubberized non-skid bottom
  • Coyote Brown, MultiCam, or RealTree AP camo, all are 1000-D Cordura
  • Padded soft top panel to prevent scratches
  • Zippered so you can adjust fill levels easily
  • Double stitched seams throughout
  • Measures approximately 9" high from bottom of bag to middle of saddle where rifle rests, 9.5" at the ears, and 9.5" wide by 7.5" long at the base.
  • PRE-FILLED with our special coarse grind of walnut media for flexibility. Not fine ground tumbling media, which makes bags too firm.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

Product Reviews

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  1. A Big Bag

    Posted by Bushy on 19th Sep 2018

    Havent been able to use it yet, but by the looks of it, it is well made and should do the trick. Quick delivery and a great company

  2. wouldnt own anything else...wish they would fix minor issues

    Posted by Cliff on 4th Dec 2017

    All things about this bag are perfect except...
    Fix the strap location everyone grips about...
    Offer a 6-7 lb +/- fill that fits between the waaaay heavy 13 lb and the too light 1/2 lb fill
    This is an exceptional bag...
    There is no comparison between this and the cheap junk out there
    You don't have to be a ragged hole shooter to own this quality
    Not leaking fill all over the place is worth the cost !!'

    (Hi Cliff - we'll look into the strap location, haven't heard anyone gripe about it but will look at moving it possibly. On the fill, it is super tough to find one that qualifies for us (fill has to be able to absorb minor vibrations and not be rock-hard, be inert and be affordable), our heavy fill works great, this is a big bag so it weighs a lot. finding another is not an easy proposition)

  3. Nice solid rest

    Posted by Bill L. on 28th Aug 2017

    The tall height and pyramid design makes this one great bag. My only complaint is the carry loop sometimes lays over into the field of view. Some Velcro could remedy that.

  4. Almost perfect

    Posted by mk on 31st May 2017

    I recently got my first AR and wanted to stay 'cheap'. I was using my old bath towel as a front 'shooting bag' but soon realized that it did not work well.. lol. Shopped around and found this product and read the reviews below. Bought one and finally had an opportunity to test it. It is pretty heavy and sturdy, and works well as a heavy front bag. I am pretty happy about my purchase. One thing that could be changed is the location of the carry handle. It sits within my view and bothers me a bit. Why not install it across the top end/ peak or make it longer so that the rifle sits on it and holds it down on the bag. The first is I think better because 'the bridge design' distributes the weight over two attaching points.

    Anyways, I like it and will enjoy it along with a small squeeze rear bag. Thanks for the great product!

  5. True to the design

    Posted by Chris W. on 29th May 2015

    This is an excellent bag and the only one I will ever recommend anymore. It deserves 5 stars even though I felt needed a little more fill, but that was a personal taste and not a flaw of the design. I contacted Crosstac for a fill suggestion and they steered me in the right direction. Now it's perfect for me!

    Just as the description says, this bag is at the correct height that all other shooting bags SHOULD be at. It cradles the rifle just right and it doesn't move under recoil because of the rubberized bottom. The price is set competitively that there is should be no reason to consider anything else. Nicely done!

  6. Crosstac Large Front Bag

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2015

    Overall a great bag. The only distraction is the location of the carry loop at the top of the bag next to crotch where the rifle rests. While this makes it convenient for transport, the loop does have a tendency to move centerline obscuring a scoped rifle's FOV when the rifle weight is rested. The filling in the bag is perfect. The height of the bag accommodates large capacity magazines on AR platforms. Along with the small rear squeeze bag, you have a versatile and very stable shooting rest for ARs.

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