Tactical Ambi Sling Connector, Standard

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Product Overview

Our original Tactical Ambi Sling Connector (ASC) for AR-15 collapsible stock rifles / M-4 rifles is a clear winner.

It's a purely ambidextrous sling connector with the connector point perfectly centered so the sling connection does not interfere with your grip. 

Also eliminates sling connector interference in strong/weak shoulder transitions due to the streamline design.

Fixed connector ring is engineered to make your rifle hang properly (not flipping over) for an immediate re-grip when needed.

Designed to work with HK hooks, will not accept QD swivels.

Technical Details

  • Made entirely of steel.
  • Black oxide plate with manganese phosphate coated ring.
  • Fits both mil-spec and commercial tubes.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

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