Tactical Ambi Sling QD

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Product Overview

We all know a tactical sling / rifle sling is the fundamental connection between your body and your rifle. The Crosstac Ambi Sling QD improves that connection. Equipped with QD connectors and our patented female QD for 2-point to single point conversion.

QDs provide quiet, fully fluid connection points that hold perfectly, release quickly and give maximum flexibility. This set up gives you the ability to do lightning fast conversions from single point to 2-point, plus our special "limited bungee" locks out at about 6 inches to give you firm shooting support if needed and it will never break down.

The high quality bungee will never lose strength and break down.  Our softer webbing means there's no chafing... it conforms to you.

Crosstac details include extra webbing folded under the buckle to make for a smooth transition and deaden any possible noise.  All ends tucked under and sewn down for a perfect finish - which means all heat sealed web ends are protected from fraying for long service life.  An added benefit is this also prevents a sharp heat sealed web end from chafing the user.  Also features our tail-free design so length adjustments are smooth and seamless with no tail to flap out in the breeze and snag or hang up.

Like our original Ambi Sling, the QD has 100% USA Made construction proven to be tough-tough-tough. Our top of the line Ambi Sling QD will quickly become your favorite.

Technical Details

  • Flat bungee resists rolling.
  • Bungee limited to 6 inches of stretch.
  • 1 1/4 inch webbing has a soft hand to conform to armor and body.
  • Comes with QD style connectors.
  • SIZING NOTES: Adjusts in relaxed length from 30" up to 60" before stretch. Long version adds 12" more web for BIG guys
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

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