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D-Belt 2 Tactical Belt


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Meet the PERFECT belt for concealed carry! This belt offers unparalleled strength, comfort and style, all while packing a tactical punch. Its most UNIQUE feature: the super-thin BOKER Credit Card Knife seamlessly integrates into the belt behind a genuine Cobra buckle. Our special D-Cut insert gives this belt the ideal balance of stiffness while 'giving' just where needed for comfort. It also prevents the belt from bowing out in the small of the back and becoming a chair hook, or poking into your back and rubbing. Our customers tell us this is by far the most comfortable belt they own - all while being the strongest!

  • Built to conceal a BOKER Credit Card Knife.
  • Concealed money slot built in.
  • Genuine Cobra ® buckle.  This is a patented buckle from AustriAlpin.  Do not confuse this quality buckle with Asian import knockoffs.  This is the one you want.
  • Perfect for concealed carry use, knives, Leathermans, etc.
  • Mil-Spec webbing 1.75" used throughout
  • Lined for comfort.
  • Specially contoured D-Belt poly liner stiffens the belt vertically.
  • 100% Made in USA by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.
  • Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, or Black.
This belt is the perfect match for any holster and will hold up to whatever you decide to carry on it. We've also cut an angle on the tongue, so it doesn't catch on your jacket or hands when you have it buckled down. The money slot is designed to hold one bill for an emergency.  Velcro closure tab. 
Hidden knife and a hidden money slot make this the ultimate in concealed carry tactical belts.  You can access the knife with the belt on!

The name "D-belt" comes from the "D" cut in the back of our unique, internal stiffening layer.  It flexes in & out with movement but not up and down, giving only in the perfect spot at the far back belt loop.   Less than 1/8" thick but vertically very stiff to hold up to any concealed carry holsters.  The belt is also adjustable in length to account for different holsters.  Note you must follow our sizing guide to obtain a proper fit.  Do not order your pant size.

Technical Specs

  • Built to conceal a Boker Credit Card Knife
  • Specially contoured D-Belt poly liner stiffens the belt vertically
  • Perfect for concealed carry use, PDA's, cell phones, knives, Leathermans and More!
  • 1.75" Mil Spec Webbing
  • Lined for comfort
  • Genuine Austri Alpin Cobra buckle
  • 100% Made in USA by the dedicated folks at Crosstac
SIZING: Our belts run true to size. Please measure your waist to confirm your actual size, through the belt loops like you were wearing a belt, using a cloth tape measure. If you tuck your shirt in, please do that during this measurement to aid accuracy. Add 1/2" for an outside the waistband holster. Add up to 2" for an inside the waist band holster, again, taking your waist measurement 'with' the holster will help you be more accurate. Use the cloth measuring tape and go over / through your holster.

Do not go by the tag inside your pants to determine actual size. Even though your pants tag may say 34" for example, that is not your actual size.

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  1. Great design with durablity in mind!

    Posted by Rick Parker on 11th Feb 2015

    Very well designed, the last belt, sling you'll ever need!

  2. the only belt you need

    Posted by proamerican on 28th Dec 2014

    This is the only belt you need, so don't look any further. The only reason I didn't give it 5 is because I honestly think the money belt portion of the belt could use a zipper and not Velcro. Other than that this belt makes all the others (including all of gerbers crap) look like a cheap version of what a man really needs. (Crosstac: the reason we don't use a zipper is they are not thin enough, and will jam over time. The Velcro works great - we designed this originally without Velcro, adding it is not necessary to seal the pocket, but makes some users feel better / more secure)

  3. D belt 2

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2014

    Vary vary comfortable and durable

  4. Excellent customer service

    Posted by Ian on 8th Sep 2014

    I ordered this belt a few weeks ago. Shipping was quick and the belt was just as described with one exception. The buckle had been sewn on backwards (Crosstac comment: we're human - no excuses there. We of course stand behind our products 100% !). Their belts are handmade at the shop in Colorado. (No foreign knock offs here). I dropped by the shop and showed them the error. They re-sewed it right there on the spot. 5 minutes in and out. They fixed it no questions asked and even gave me a discount on my next order to make up for my troubles. That's top notch customer service in my book.

    The belt itself is also excellent quality. The buckle engages smoothly and doesn't rattle like cheaper belts. Adjustment is simple and easy. It is also surprisingly flexible and soft, yet stiff enough to support a heavy holster and several mag caddies without sagging.

  5. Awesome belt!

    Posted by Rob on 12th May 2014

    Been wearing my D-Belt 2 for almost a week now and love it! Love that I can take it on and off without having to re-velcro it. Very comfortable and clearly high quality!

  6. Love It

    Posted by Chris on 23rd Apr 2014

    I got the Dbelt 2 and I love It I am in the Army and it holds up better than any of the other belts I've tried. It puts my 5.11 riggers belt to shame. This belt is so much easier to use the Cobra buckle is strong and holds a lot of weight. (I may or may not have lifted myself up with a indoor crane by the belt...)

  7. Just bought me second one...

    Posted by KO on 23rd Apr 2014

    I liked the first belt so much, I just bought a second in a different color. The belt is sturdy. Keeps my FS 1911 comfortably by my side. I wrap a $20 bill with saran wrap and tuck it in the hidden money slot for emergencies and the buckle it top quality hardware.

    I'd rate it 5 starts if the middle of the belt (where the money slot is) had more support so it didn't deform and if there was a bit of the webbing behind the buckle to stop the lever from the occasional "bite". Both are relatively minor issues.

    (Crosstac: the deform that you mention is what the belt is designed to do - the middle of our belts are designed to crush so they 1. feel broken in from day one and 2. don't pooch out and hook on chairs, or worse fold in and abrade your back. That is the "D" cut and how the belt got it's name. Check out any old leather belt you own and you will see this "smile" worked in. As tactical belts are synthetics, they don't like to break in like this... so ours has it designed into it.

    Designer's note: it's super easy to make a stiff belt, just sew thick webbing together and put 5-row stitching in it. It is much harder to make a belt vertically stiff but flexible enough to be comfortable, that takes design and thought - something our Dbelt line has in spades!) ;-)

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